Custom Metal Barn Buildings

We creat custom, deluxe metal barns that will outlast any wooden barn today! Our metal barns are weather proof and will not rot, nor leak like their wooden counterparts. In addition to being able to withstand the elements of a harsh winter or summer, our metal barns are fully customized to your wants and needs. We install our barns in all lower 48 states and have dealers located in just about every one of our service areas.

Our customers feedback, over the many years that we’ve led the metal barn industry, have been nothing but top of the line. We have customers using our metal barns to store their horses and livestock, to protect and shelter their farm equipment and tools, to store feed and grain during the harsh winter months, and much more. No matter what size of farm or industrial area you are located on, we can custom build a metal barn that will compliment the surounding area’s look and feel.

Why a Metal Barn from Coast to Coast Carports?

We are the industry’s leading Metal Barn manufacturer for years across the United States. Our barns are build and installed with the finest material available, they’re termite proof, water-damage proof, and maintenance free! Give us a call on our toll free number and let us know what your requirements are for a new barn and we’ll guide you through ever step of the way.


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